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SQL Server 2016 – What Are The New Features?

SQL Server 2016 will be made available to purchase by the public on 1st June 2016 and if we compare this schedule with Microsoft’s plans of a major release every 2 years, this one comes 26 months after SQL Server 2014 which arrived on 1st April 2014. So will the list of new features in SQL Server […]

How to Find I/O Usage Per Database in SQL Server

If you’re looking at performance and trying to understand I/O on a per database level in SQL Server, sadly there is not a report in Management Studio that you can run from those available. It will need some T-SQL to pull out this information from an existing DMV – sys.dm_io_virtual_file_stats. The information returned by the DMV is data which […]

How to Get SQL Server Developer Edition for Free

SQL Server Developer Edition – whether you are wanting to learn the product at home to advance your career or you need a copy for your enterprise to test and develop on, it’s historically been a good investment for relatively little cost. Personally for home use, I have always downloaded the evaluation versions of SQL Server […]

How to List CPU Usage Per Database in SQL Server

As a DBA there may be a time when you want to try and ascertain how much CPU time each of your databases is consuming. This is useful to complement high CPU investigations or to just try and understand which of your databases overall is the highest CPU consumer over time. The out of the box […]

How to Find Buffer Pool Usage Per Database in SQL Server

As a DBA it’s important to understand what the buffer pool is doing and which databases are using it the most. Data in SQL Server is stored on disk in 8k pages. The buffer pool (Aka “buffer cache”) is a chunk of memory allocated to SQL Server. It’s size is determined by the minimum and […]