SQL Server 2016 New Features – Multiple TempDB Files Configured at Server Install

Configuring multiple tempdb files is not a new feature in SQL Server and has been a best practice for sometime to help ease and prevent tempdb contention which helps to increase the scalability of your SQL Server installation. Before SQL Server 2016, this was a task which needed to be carried out after the installation […]

SQL Server 2016 New Features – Dynamic Data Masking

Data security is always a hot subject and anything that database software vendors can do to enhance the security of data is usually welcome. One of the new features of SQL Server 2016 is the introduction of Dynamic Data Masking. As it says on the tin, the data is masked which prevents non-privileged users from […]

SQL Server 2016 New Features – Always Encrypted

In my previous post, I listed a number of the SQL Server 2016 new features. Let’s look at the first one in that list – Always Encrypted.   With Always Encrypted the key to unlocking the encryption resides with the application. The encyption key is never passed to SQL Server. God like administrators cannot view […]

Revoking Access for All Users of a Database in SQL Server

I love Management Studio for SQL Server but sometimes it just doesn’t cut the mustard. I had a scenario recently where I needed to revoke access for all users from a database. I could delete them all but that would be more effort than necessary. I just wanted to deny access to a specific database. To my […]

How to Determine Which Port MySQL is Running On

MySQL defaults to port 3306 when installed but sometimes for another reason, it may be listening on a different port. In this post, I list some ways in which you can find out which port your MySQL instance is running on. Using the MySQL configuration file to determine which port it is running on If you […]