If you want to try SQL Azure, then this is how you can do it

Jamie Thomson is a freelance SQL Server developer in London. I have found his blog to be an extremely valuable resource in the past. You can follow him on Twitter @jamiet He has very kindly made some of the well known “out of the box” SQL Server databases available on SQL Azure for you to try. […]

Keeping fit could improve your performance as a DBA

It is not uncommon for a DBA to work long hours. In addition to the 9-5 standard, there will requirements to stay later after work to meet deadlines or because there is a problem with a production server that requires your attention. 50-60 hour weeks can become the norm and there may also be an […]

EnterpriseDB and Oracle

As we are still in uncertain times where businesses look to keep afloat and cut costs, across the world there will be many IT managers looking at alternate products in an effort to save money. Click here for the full article on how EnterpriseDB are offering services to businesses which are currently using Oracle.

Facebook and MySQL

I already knew that Facebook was powered by MySQL but was curious about just how Facebook use the open source database platform. Recently I found this article where at the bottom of the page, you can find a fascinating two hour video by the Facebook MySQL team talking about their implementation of the RDBMS. Some […]