How to Take a Backup of a Table in MySQL

Sometimes, there is a requirement to make a backup of a table in MySQL. For instance, there could be a data update planned, schema change needed or that it is necessary to work with a copy of a table, perhaps for some report. A possible approach to this is to run a full backup of […]

MySQL Replication Use Cases

In my last post, I summarized when MySQL replication is typically implemented. I now want to expand on that and talk about MySQL replication use cases. Scaling out using MySQL Replication Let’s take a typical example, the application is read-heavy versus writes. The server is under heavy read load and you want to reduce that. You […]

Implementing a Simple SQL Server Backup Script

I’ve used this simple SQL Server backup script a number of times to backup sql server to a file or network drive. It’s ideal if you are running SQL Server Express for example which does not come equipped with maintenance plans.  This script can be used in conjunction with SQLCMD to backup SQL Server from […]

An Introduction to SQL Server Backup

Before I get into this post on SQL Server backup, I must make something really clear without sounding like I am stating the obvious. 😐 Having a fully tested backup and restore plan in place for your SQL Server databases is one of, if not, THE most important job that you have to ensure you get […]