SQL Server 2016 New Features – Dynamic Data Masking

Data security is always a hot subject and anything that database software vendors can do to enhance the security of data is usually welcome. One of the new features of SQL Server 2016 is the introduction of Dynamic Data Masking. As it says on the tin, the data is masked which prevents non-privileged users from […]

SQL Server 2016 New Features – Always Encrypted

In my previous post, I listed a number of the SQL Server 2016 new features. Let’s look at the first one in that list – Always Encrypted.   With Always Encrypted the key to unlocking the encryption resides with the application. The encyption key is never passed to SQL Server. God like administrators cannot view […]

Using sp_change_users_login to fix SQL Server orphaned users

I’m going to be looking at sp_change_users_login as a continuation to a previous post where I looked at a couple of ways to transfer logins from one SQL Server to another and touched upon the issue of the orphaned “security identifier” (SID). A typical scenario that arises is when the DBA quickly realises that the logins on the […]

How to Transfer Logins to Another SQL Server or Instance

With any server migration, ideally you want things to run smoothly and re-creating SQL Server logins from scratch is not something you really want to or should be doing. I am currently involved in a complete server replacement for one of our SQL Server clusters. In this environment, mixed authentication is enabled. Back in the […]

Auditing SQL Server Logins

Auditing SQL Server logins is done by way of writing audit information to the SQL Server Logs found under “Management->SQL Server Logs” in Management Studio. In order to enable auditing of SQL Server logins, a simple operation needs to be performed by changing settings in the properties of the SQL Server. Auditing levels vary. It’s […]