Data Management – Finding, Removing Duplicate Rows Using SQL and Some Prevention Tips

Duplicate data is a common problem and in my experience comes in two main flavours; exact duplicate data and similar data. Exact duplicate data is when a data source contains the same values across all fields in the record. Similar data is when some of the fields match and to the naked eye can be classed […]

T-SQL – Derived Tables Demonstrated and Explained

T-SQL is a very powerful language when dealing with sets and in this post, I am going to be demonstrating how to use derived tables. Derived tables are not the same as a temporary or physical tables where the fields and data types are declared. Nor are they subqueries. Instead, as the name implies, the table is […]

How to Determine SQL Server Version Number In Various Ways

It’s important to be able to determine SQL Server version number. DBA’s need to know what SQL Server version numbers they are supporting so that during patching windows, they can source and apply the correct patches or service packs. This information is useful as a reference to what issues may be contained in a certain […]