SQL Server Error Log Consuming Lots of Disk Space

I came across a problem this week with one of our SQL Servers whereby one of the drives was very low on space. Whenever I come across a disk space problem, I use my trusty friend Treesize which is a free download and it enables me to quickly find where the space is being consumed. […]

Using DBCC INPUTBUFFER for SQL Server troubleshooting

In my last post on sp_who2 I demonstrated how this handy utility can help you in your troubleshooting efforts. Continuing on from this, I am going to cover DBCC INPUTBUFFER What is DBCC INPUTBUFFER ? It is a command used to identify the last statement executed by a particular SPID. You would typically use this after […]

Using sp_who2 to help with SQL Server troubleshooting

If you haven’t used sp_who2 before then it is a great utility to help in diagnosing a problem with your database application. What is sp_who2 ? It’s a stored procedure which is installed with SQL Server which when run, outputs a row for each “SPID”. SPID stands for Server Process ID and one is created […]