10 Database Performance Monitoring Tools You Can Get For Free

Database performance monitoring is something every DBA worth their salt should be doing on a regular basis. It should be adopted as a proactive task to help identify issues early on before they become too serious and be part of a post code deployment monitoring process. Bundled in with linux based operating systems are a heap […]

How to Resize MySQL Innodb Log Files Without Errors

Upon installing MySQL, the default innodb log file size is 5MB. This might be fine for a lot of servers but should you want to resize it, it is not simply a case of changing innodb_log_file_size to the new size and restarting MySQL. MySQL will not start and produce error log output similar to the following: 140610 20:09:14 […]

How to Install MySQL 5.5 on Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS

For this how to, I am going to document how to install MySQL on an installation of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Installing it is a very straight forward and quick process and I prefer to use the terminal. If you are running a GUI, you can also install it through the Ubuntu sofware centre. Typically available […]